Chocolate bar

Metyou Energy Schokolade-Riegel

The chocolate bar, coated in dark chocolate, with a unique honey-cream-chocolate mousse core that melts on the tongue, has a rounded taste, and gives an inimitable pleasure. We also name to it a chocolate energy bar because, together with the Styrian MetYou spice honey, it gives an energy kick that is longer-lasting thanks to the honey’s special sugar.

MetYou is a dark chocolate (at least 60% cacao) filled with Noble cream and Styrian Met You spiced honey (63% of the filling).

Dark chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier lecithin (soy), vanilla extract), whipped cream (19%), milk and
Styrian MET YOU spice honey (75.6% blossom honey, water, spices, vitamin C, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, folic acid, biotin, vitamin B12, niacin, zinc, preservative potassium sorbate).

Average nutrition facts per bar (70 g):

Average nutrition facts per 100 g: